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Rethinking The Walls

Rethinking The Walls

Walls have more options than to be covered only in coats of paint. Designing a wall space around lifestyle needs can be done to fit any budget. The following are neat ideas that take flat, dull surfaces and bring them to life. One concept design called Kids Interactive fills a wall surface with tiles meant for tactile play and motor skill development. The tiles are easy to care for, plus it brightens up the wall. If you want to try your hand at tiling, check out this tutorial for DIY mosaic tiles. Anything that will adhere to the walls can… read more

Bottled Fun

Bottled Fun

Kids are notorious for playing with packaging, so saving up plastic bottles and jugs for crafting makes perfect sense. With an inventive attitude and a few supplies, fun in a bottle is a sure cure for boredom. Milk jugs can be turned into game equipment like carton catchers. With some careful cutting, sturdily affixed end tubes and a bit of ornamentation a game of catch is invented. Just add a ball and toss back and forth for an energetic, recycling inspired activity that the whole family can participate in. Condiment bottles can be repurposed and used for restocking craft materials. Once… read more

In Bloom

In Bloom

Cherry trees are a beautiful display of the onset of springtime. They are native to Japan as well as China and Korea, but the striking trees can be found across the globe. Plantings of cherry trees were initiated in 1912 as a symbol of enduring friendship to the U.S. from Japan. The line of original seeds that were sown during this time still continues to bloom today. The National Cherry Blossom Festival is an ongoing celebration of this gift. For more on the history of cherry trees in the U.S., see the National Park Service. The blossoming plant, or sakura,… read more

Art That Makes Foodies Happy

Art That Makes Foodies Happy

Images of delectable fruit, vegetables and fresh foods may not be, but the naturally vibrant colors in produce can be inspiring to the eyes. To get a visual serving of a healthy variety of foods, check out the following artists who use them as a medium and motivation. Hikaru Cho has been lighting up the web lately with her collection of paintings. With a fitting title, It’s Not What It Seems, this series puts a little playfulness into the ordinary kitchen fruit bowl. Using only food and acrylic paints, Cho disguises one item to look flawlessly like another. Peeling back the… read more

Recycle Your Leftover Paint


Paint projects often end before all of the paint in the can is used up. Improper storage, aging and waste contribute to excess leftover paints, which is where recycling operations come into play. Paint must be properly disposed of and it is unlawful to just throw it away due to its toxic compounds. It can be recycled, and paint is one of the main collected items at household hazardous waste facilities. As pointed out by Earth911, prior to 1978 paints were readily made with mercury, a neurological toxin. Oil-based paints produce volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) in the air, and are… read more

Graphene Paint: A solar wonder

Graphene Paint

A little while ago, we wrote about the potential new uses for ‘Graphene’; a natural element similar to silicon in its uses. Today we’re showcasing the possibilities for graphene paint. Basically, graphene is a light, efficient, and cost-effective alternative to silicon and other such elements. It’s planned uses include solar farms, vehicles, and electronics. Graphene paint opens the door to wonderful possibilities, and makes it widely available to the public, rather than just commercial/industrial uses. For now, graphene paint won’t be available until some time in the future. Still, scientists are very optimistic about the development and conversion of paint. Since graphene… read more

Solar Paint


Capturing and using the sun’s rays has always been an enthralling task for researchers and recent advancements in the electronics industry has brought a great deal of interest into the field of solar. A research team from Notre Dame University led by Prashant Kamat has created one such form of solar energy conversion where they introduce us to “solar paste” which will replace solar panels in the future. By simply painting the outside of a house with this special solar paste/paint electricity can be generated from the sun which would potentially power the home appliances inside. This paste is alcohol based… read more

Natural Paint

Natural Paints (photo by knottyboy on Flickr)

Some of the first recorded paintings were found in Africa and date back around 30,000 years. Early painted works have been found in caves and dwelling areas worldwide, and the art of painting continues as expression and necessity. Modern paints are obviously vastly different than the cave variety. Store bought paints contain chemical additives and harmful substances that are released into the air in varying quantities, called volatile organic compounds. When you choose a natural mixture you have total quality control and there are no lingering toxins. In addition to being better for your space and the environment, it is… read more

Green Building Tips

Green building tips

Whether you are constructing your dream home or renovating an existing one, it is wise to scope out your options. With so many factors to consider, researching can be extensive, so the following is aimed to stimulate your vision with tips to start you off. Size Matters In this case, less is more. Smaller houses are not only more efficient, they often cut a more interesting figure than larger houses. Plus, tall and slender buildings are better at utilizing space, and the additional nooks and crannies give a room its dimension, so you don’t feel like you are living in a shoebox. Perfect Placement When… read more