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Sustainable Packaging Designs


Packaging and waste can go hand in hand in the realm of consumerism. A 10 year span that was examined in Europe did see a positive drop in packaging waste, by 43% throughout 27 states due to better recycling techniques, according to the European Organization for Packaging and the Environment. The Environmental Protection Agency stated that the U.S. produced at least 243 million tons of waste in 2009 alone, however over 80 million tons were kept out of landfills due to recycling and composting (Mother Nature Network). Recycling efforts are positive approaches. However, the question of availability for smarter packaging… read more

Goodbye Food Packaging

Green Food Packaging

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization’s statistics, 1.3 billion tons of food, equivalent to around 1/3 of the food produced is wasted each year on a global scale. Also, packaging waste totaled upwards of 75 million tons in 2010 just in the U.S., as stated by the Environmental Protection Agency. Not even half of that amount was reportedly recycled. Food waste occurs on an individual basis, but also happens during food production. What it takes to get food ready to sell just in the wrapping alone uses a lot of resources. Product packaging can be wasteful…and frustrating. If you have ever… read more

Grocery Store Packaging

Grocery Store Packaging

A trip to the grocery store can put a dent in the wallet, but it can also pile up the amount of packaging used for a variety of goods. Since food packaging is used nearly everywhere in a conventional supermarket, it may be hard to decode what can actually be recycled. Plastics are sorted and recycled by their assigned numbers. Recycling centers will accept a lot of plastics, but some like number 5 and number 7 plastics are more complicated to recycle and some facilities may refuse them. Programs like Gimme5 take certain number 5 plastics by offering drop offs at… read more