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Organic Farming Reduces Carbon Emissions

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We already know that plantlife is good for the atmosphere. Filling your home with flowers is a necessary step towards creating a healthy environment. Roughly 20% of the earth’s oxygen is generated by the Amazon Rainforest, although that’s unfortunately in decay, as years of logging, poor farming practices, and corporate neglect have begun irrevocably destroying one of the largest sources of the stuff we breathe each day. So what’s our next bet for cleaning up the atmosphere? Well, it’s otherwise known as organic farming, and it might just be the solution. Although it’s not a sure shot by any stretch… read more

Lunar Planting

Lunar Planting

Wise farmers and biodynamic growers have long understood that you can use the moon as an agricultural implement. Numerous cultures still use forms of lunar gardening and abide by its guidelines for planting. Whether harvesting crops by the moonlight or growing by its phases, the natural rhythmic combinations of the earth and moon can be used to a gardener’s advantage. According to this form of planting there are different progressions similar to calendars that revolve around the moon’s cycles. These are the synodic, or waxing and waning phases, ascending and descending phases, and the sidereal and apogee-perigee cycles. Each cycle… read more