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Robotic Oil Spill Cleaner

Robot Prototypes

Could tiny robots be our nation’s future go-to cleaning solution for massive oil spills? The University of Colorado Boulder seems to think so. In fact, they’ve created a lab specifically designed for building tiny swarms of robotic balls that work together to clean up oil. The lab consists of 20 ping-pong ball sized robots, which the students refer to as “droplets”. The droplets work together to create a “liquid that thinks”. It’s quite incredible to consider a future where robots think autonomously to solve problems, but that’s exactly what UCB Assistant Professor Nikolaus Correll imagines will one day become reality…. read more

New Methods Of Cleaning Oil Spills


Today, our methods of cleaning up tragic oil spills, such as the Deepwater Horizon accident and other large spills throughout history, haven’t changed that much. In fact, scientists really haven’t innovated this area at all. It’s still ridiculously expensive, inefficient, time-consuming, and frustrating to clean up after things like neglect and human-error cause these environmental disasters. So why isn’t something being done to overhaul our cleanup approach? The easy answer is that there aren’t enough large spills to justify research into new cleaning styles. It’s sort of like trying to find a new way to connect to electricity without creating… read more

Oil Spills

The effect of oil spills in the ocean

The effects of oils spills are devastating. Wildlife are killed or injured which affects the food chain, which in turn affects us. The reasons for oil spills can vary. Ships may have machinery break down or fail which in turn causes a spill. The people managing the ship may have made careless mistakes. Natural disasters may cause an oil spill too. If a hurricane was a couple of miles away, the winds from the hurricane could cause the oil tanker to flip over, pouring oil out and spreading it. Illegal dumpers dump oil into the oceans because they do not want to… read more