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A Bold Campaign

Bold Strategy

When attempting to change the status quo there are many tactics one can use. Sometimes one can get lucky and find success in convincing the status quo maintainer using sound logic and rationale. But sometimes what is really needed is a biased, slanted, aggressive campaign to not only throw the status quo maintainer into a state of panic, but to try to knock some sense into them as well. This is what two groups, Oil Change International and The Other 98%, did late last year, rolling out a bold campaign taking on the oil industry. “Exxon hates your children” is the… read more

Big Oil Reaps The Benefits

Big Oil Reaps The Benefits

At the end of this year, the production tax credit for wind energy is set to expire. Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has stated he would allow the tax credits to expire, and President Obama has said he would continue the tax credits. However, the decision has to go through Congress first, and it appears Republicans in the House of Representatives would be more than pleased to see the tax credits end. This week, 47 House Republicans urged House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) to let them expire, metaphorically hammering a nail into the coffin of wind power. Despite 81 percent of… read more