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Keystone Decision Stalled Until 2014


Although many expected a decision from Obama this month, we’ll not receive a definitive answer about the construction of the Keystone Pipeline until next year. The proposed Keystone XL Pipeline has inspired its fair share of debate and controversy, with opponents concerned over the negative environmental impacts the pipeline will inevitably create if it goes through. Possible damage would include the destruction of ecosystems from drilling and leaching of tar sands oil into the water supply, which is a threat to both marine life and public health. The arguments of its adversity only gained more merit after an investigation exposed… read more

A Bold Campaign

Bold Strategy

When attempting to change the status quo there are many tactics one can use. Sometimes one can get lucky and find success in convincing the status quo maintainer using sound logic and rationale. But sometimes what is really needed is a biased, slanted, aggressive campaign to not only throw the status quo maintainer into a state of panic, but to try to knock some sense into them as well. This is what two groups, Oil Change International and The Other 98%, did late last year, rolling out a bold campaign taking on the oil industry. “Exxon hates your children” is the… read more