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UK’s Giant Wind Farm

Giant Wind Farm

The world’s largest offshore wind farm in operation will be the London Array. When finished, it will power over 770,000 homes with its 1.2GW power output. Swedish utility Vattenfall and ScottishPower have combined resources and jointly submitted plans for East Angolia Offshore Wind. The recent UK Energy Bill seems to have won a victory here with the EAOW, showing that the future of renewable energy is within reach. The government’s clean energy support will go into full effect in 2018, which is also when the EAOW’s first electricity will be produced. Andy Paine, the EAOW’s program leader, said, “This is the… read more

First Grid-Connected Offshore Wind Turbine in North America Launched

First Grid-Connected Offshore Wind Turbine in North America Launched

North America is about to get its first grid-connected offshore wind turbine, thanks to the launch of the VolturnUS, which should be online and producing wind energy in the next couple of weeks. The VolturnUS is a 1/8th scale prototype of a novel floating wind turbine design from the DeepCwind Consortium, and will gather data during its operation to help optimize the design of a full-sized (6MW) turbine that is in the works. The University of Maine’s Advanced Structures and Composites Center expects to be able to launch the final turbine design in 2016, so getting this scale version up… read more

New Power Storage System for Offshore Wind Uses Giant Underwater Spheres

Giant Wind Farm

The design for a new method of storing energy from offshore wind farms uses giant concrete spheres on the sea floor, which could both anchor floating wind turbines and smooth out power fluctuations to the grid. The new underwater storage design, from researchers at MIT, could be used to capture excess power from offshore wind turbines, and then release it on demand, helping to bridge the difference between generation and demand times for electricity. “Whenever the wind turbines produce more power than is needed, that power would be diverted to drive a pump attached to the underwater structure, pumping seawater… read more

World’s Largest Offshore Wind Farm Now Online

London Array

The largest offshore wind farm in the world, the London Array, is now online and sending 507 MW of electricity to the grid for homes and businesses in the UK. The London Array design calls for 175 3.6MW Siemens wind turbines to be installed in the outer Thames Estuary, producing 630 MW, and 141 of them are now up and spinning. The project has a 50 year lease on the site (and a cable route to shore), thanks to the Crown Estate, and is intended to continue to produce clean, renewable energy for a long time. Phase One of the… read more

World’s Largest Wind Farm

Image of a Wind Farm

The world’s largest wind farm is going to be built in Japan. The catch? It’s going to be built just 10 short miles from the Fukishima nuclear reactor. Since the Fukishima disaster a few years ago, Japan has been seeking ways to clean up their energy grid, and the construction of this wind farm is a very big step on the way to ecological energy independency. The current record-holder for the largest wind farm is the Greater Gabbard Farm off the coast of Suffolk in the U.K. It produces 504 Megawatts of electricity with its 140 turbines. In contrast, the… read more