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This Apartment Means Business

This Apartment Means Business

Whether having a home office or having to bring work home, a spot to accomplish it all is nice to have. Kevin Young, one of the team at Pmk+Designers, created his own space in Kaohsiung, Taiwan to do just that. The following apartment renovation project factored in the days where being in busy mode is a must. Since the designer’s apartment was a rental, the renovation was done with a budget in mind. The space has an industrial office feel and an efficient layout. The different zones are set up to direct productivity, but there are also places for taking a break. The open main room and… read more

Bringing In The Trees

Bringing In The Trees

Apartment and office spaces are not usually known for the trees in their landscaping. However, Vo Trong Nghia Architects has found a unique way to incorporate this often overlooked aspect into some of their projects. One of their residential designs called House For Trees includes amazing views of a vertical treetop canopy. House for Trees is a prototype that seeks to reforest Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, which due to increases in population, traffic congestion and city bustle has reportedly lost much of its original tree lined areas. The plan for the residential area adhered to a budget. The design idea… read more

If You’re Stuck In An Office Read This

If You’re Stuck In An Office Read This

If you’ve been there – then you are with me on this one. Stuck behind a slab of concrete starkness or a carpeted cubicle, a drab working environment can completely drain you. If your surroundings are repeatedly uninspiring, chances are that over time you may feel a decrease in motivation and will be less productive. Architectural team Jose Selgas and Lucia Cano from Selgascano obviously thought of this with their open office space. Though the building may seem somewhat restricted in terms of size and shape, they have been able to create a sense of openness and availability to a beautiful… read more

Get Organized with Cereal Boxes


While often adding to the clutter of empty food containers in your recycle bin, cereal boxes can actually be used to detract from waste accumulation and even serve to keep your house organized. As implied with the directions above, making your own cereal box organizer is quite easy, indeed. You may even wrap it with old newspaper instead. But this is not the only way in which you can to style your organizer. Courtesy of Pinterest, below are examples of alternate styles that fit just as nicely into any office or workspace as they would into a child’s play area…. read more

These 4 Office Pods Put Function To Work

These 4 Office Pods Put Function To Work

According to the 2010 U.S. census report, 10% of employed Americans work at least 1 day per week from home, and the numbers of those who work solely from home has climbed from 4.8% in 1997 to 6.6% in 2010. Having a productive space is important whether at home or at the office. These 4 work pods with ecofriendly features may leave some dreaming of a quiet, accommodating place to complete tasks. The G-Pod is a workspace with a futuristic look. In addition to its interesting external appearance, it is also made with efficiency in mind. It can be rotated by… read more

Make Your Own, Portable Office


Portable offices are a convenient way to carve out space that is adequate for conducting work, but is adjustable – and altogether transferable – at times when you need to allot space to other activities. Often, portable offices are made using new or old storage units, like travel trunks. This is particularly useful for those who telecommute or run a business from home, providing an extensive home office that can be stowed away like a briefcase at the end of each day. To give you an idea of portable offices, here are a few pr-existing options available. Trunk Station This… read more

Intricate Gardens Indoors


You needn’t settle for potted plants to add lush to interior spaces. Even in limited expanses you can, with a little ingenuity, create green havens with canopies of foliage and exposed earth. The following are prime displays of indoor gardens that retain their primitive nature despite their urban enclosures. Office Garden The Cuningham Hayden Group Place didn’t simply install a garden in their office, architects built the office around it. Such is evident in the organic layout of the garden, unobstructed by abrupt run-ins with choppy walls. Beyond use as a spot for relaxation, the garden filters the air that… read more

Tips for a Greener Office

Greening Your Office

To begin, no green renovations, big or small, will make an environmental dent if the company who employs them manufactures unsustainable products or services. However, any personal change among employees, let alone the habits of an entire office are certainly worth the effort. Though it would help if the office wasn’t situated in the headquarters of an oil company. That said, there are numerous, often simply over-looked, altercations that will improve the productivity and efficiency of an office. On a personal level you can begin by using refillable pens. Over 5 billion pens are bought and tossed out by Americans… read more

Working Better Outdoors


We are not merely surrounded by nature, but enclosed within it, even if a seamless existence is obstructed by the erection of pillars and walls. That isn’t to say that self-confinement indoors isn’t suffocating. Nor, on the other end, does it imply pure living is exclusive to residing in a stony dwelling left agape to the wilderness. However, there exists a faulted notion that nature is a mere adjunct to a life in the built environment; as though the two are separate, mutually-exclusive worlds. The latter a foggy, safe recluse; offering a comfortable if claustrophobic existence, that is all too… read more

The Office Of The Future

Office Of The Future

The modern office of today doesn’t look very different from the office of the mid-90’s, which says a lot about how some businesses view technology and innovation. This also applies to many companies’ views on working efficiently, since one can assume that outdated equipment is detrimental to worker’s success, and should be replaced immediately. That being said, there are many technology standards in use today that will soon be rendered ancient tomorrow. For instance: desk phones. This tired old model of secretarial and cubical communication has passed beyond its peak of usefulness and must take its leave from the office…. read more