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Old Meets New

Old Meets New

Sometimes a renovation can include obvious additions that may stand out, or may even overrun the original character of a home. Villa CP from Zest Architecture is a restoration project that shows how to seamlessly blend old with new. The updated historical farmhouse building nestled in a gorgeous lot in Girona, Spain is laid back, sustainable and high on style. The stone structure is rugged and rough, but also refined and refreshingly modern. Construction plans kept the old design but gave the home a solidly modern look. It was opened up to eliminate a closed in feel, including the addition… read more

The Bionic Knee – Powering More Than You Think


Bionic Power, a technology company in British Columbia, has developed a knee brace that allows you to possess energy-generating powers. It comes in the form of a biochemical energy harvester, called the PowerWalk. Whilst walking, whenever you brake, and your knees buckle, you have the potential for generative braking. The PowerWalk knee brace has the ability to capture this motion, allowing you harvest the energy generated from the bending and locking of your knees whenever you wear it. Each PowerWalk knee brace weighs 1.7 pounds, and  generates around 12 watts of energy at the average walking speed. Kept steadily, you… read more