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Cruise Lines Sewage Report Cards


Friends of the Earth recently released their 2012 Cruise Ship Report Card, which evaluates major ship lines on their pollution levels. The report covers 15 major cruise lines, including the Disney Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean International, as well as 148 of their collective cruise ships. All were graded in the areas of Sewage Treatment, Air Pollution Reduction, and Water Quality Compliance. The report also recorded any changes, improvements or decline, of those graded in 2010. For a ship to be considered efficient in sewage treatment, it had to possess the most advanced system of sewage and water treatment. Ensuring that waste… read more

Government Indifference


Government institutions are meant to be at the forefront in the fight to protect the environment from attack. This means that government is expected to at least refrain from activity which would be seen and proven to have adverse effects on environmental media. When government fails to do so, this constitutes a grave injustice. A prime example is a situation that has ensued in the United States. A host of environmental groups in the United States have filed a lawsuit against the government asserting that it has failed to regulate military drills involving the sinking of old ships in the… read more

Oil Spills

The effect of oil spills in the ocean

The effects of oils spills are devastating. Wildlife are killed or injured which affects the food chain, which in turn affects us. The reasons for oil spills can vary. Ships may have machinery break down or fail which in turn causes a spill. The people managing the ship may have made careless mistakes. Natural disasters may cause an oil spill too. If a hurricane was a couple of miles away, the winds from the hurricane could cause the oil tanker to flip over, pouring oil out and spreading it. Illegal dumpers dump oil into the oceans because they do not want to… read more

Plastic bags are evil

Plastic bags kill turtles

Plastic bags last for five hundred to a thousand years