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Marine Litter Extractor Could Clean Ocean in 5 Year’s Time


Lead by 19-year-old Boyan Slat, the Ocean Cleanup Array is a project designed to tackle oceanic waste by capturing plastic from marine garbage patches, known as gyres. About 1/3 of all ocean surface is covered in plastic waste. Boyan Slat, a student, photographer, and diver, proposed the Ocean Cleanup Array as a means in which this pollution could be extracted, with the possibility of recycling the collected materials for future use in the creation of high-quality items. This could potentially cover the costs of the array’s implementation. A proper cleansing of the ocean in its entirety is currently unattainable, however,… read more

Clothes Made From the Ocean

Clothes Made From the Ocean

Tras(h)umanity. It’s a sustainable way of processing clothing coined from the company ECOALF. In collaboration with UpGyreS (Upcycle the Gyres Society), which is an organization that seeks to reduce marine pollution by using it in resourceful and ecologically minded ways, they have established an eco-approach to doing business that more should model after. With the goal of not being a contributor to further trashing the environment they have found an industrious source for their materials – the ocean. Tras(h)umanity is their recognition that man-made ocean pollution will not go away any time soon. But further than just dealing with this… read more