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Cool DIY Baby Projects

Cool DIY Baby Projects

Babies, with all of their splendid cuteness, need lots of stuff. Making sure they have all of the necessities to get them through their first few months can quickly become expensive. While it can be fun to pick out nursery items and layettes, what isn’t so cheerful is purchasing many high priced needs only to find out that they will be outgrown just as fast as they came out of the packaging. Or worse, to find out that what you have brought home for baby can actually be harmful. Surprising levels of hazardous substances can be found in baby items and… read more

Eco-Luxe Nursery Necessities – Fit for Royalty

Eco-Luxe Nursery Necessities

When the birth of a little one is near, royal excitement starts to go around. When buying for the much anticipated guest forget baby bling, but opt for practical pieces that mom and baby will really use. And so, with the impending birth of the newest royal just around the corner, it started us thinking about the perfect baby items that Prince William and Kate, The Duchess of Cambridge, might find both useful and necessary. Here are a few suggestions we have come up with. Linens A definite need for babies who are amiably renowned for requiring numerous daily wardrobe changes, linens… read more

All Grown Up? But What About All This Stuff?

Repurposing Baby Items

If you have had a new one enter the household, you are probably aware of how fast they tend to grow out of things. From baby gear to clothes, the time spent in them can be short-lived. Often baby’s things can be reused in a different way to extend their life and usefulness. For instance, everyday necessities like baby wipe containers can be turned into nifty organizational tools that can be labeled and easily cleaned off. Whether round or rectangular shaped, they can be repurposed to fit where they are needed. Using them as portable carriers for pencils, paper, stickers… read more

Is Your Baby As Safe As You’d Like?

Keeping Baby Safe

Although we no longer have to worry about lead exposure and poisoning from pencils, there are still measures that have to be taken to decrease your child’s exposure to toxins and other harmful substances. Hot tap water, for instance, tends to loosen all the grime in the faucet and carry them into your cup. Yet many people either fill their baby’s bottles with hot tap water or microwave cold tap water. The latter increases your infant’s radiation exposure among other things. To be safe of both, fill your baby’s bottle with cold or room temperature water that has been boiled… read more