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What You’ve Heard About Fukushima Is Wrong


The tsunami that hit Japan three years ago and caused the Fukushima disaster is still making headlines today, in part because journalists have nothing better to write about. You may have seen some graphs or timelines in recent weeks that showed the “spread of radiation into the ocean” from the Fukushima plant. I’m here to tell you that those graphs are garbage. Take a look at this video from D News, and discover for yourself: Next time you hear something sensational or alarming on the news, do yourself a favor, and research the facts. I’ve found that I’m called out… read more

Nuclear Plant Leaking Waste

Nuclear Plant Leaking Waste

The Hanford Nuclear Reservation in Washington State is an environmental problem that the U.S. Department of Energy likely wishes would go away. Unfortunately, massive tanks that hold nuclear waste, six of which are currently leaking, don’t just disappear. The out of commission facility manufactured plutonium used to make nuclear weapons during World War II through 1987, and now seeping from six of the tanks is an estimated 1,000 gallons of toxic, radioactive waste per year. The Department of Energy has been criticized for carrying out construction at the facility prior to the completion of the design procedures in the 1940’s…. read more