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ToughStuff Solar Lighting Helps Communities

ToughStuff Solar Lighting Helps Communities

There are many companies that produce solar lighting in order to assist those who have no electricity. Some of these are non-profits and a number operate as for-profit organizations. Some may question which one is a better option in providing humanitarian assistance. Non-profit operations normally are established in order to serve a social need, and usually receive charitable donations, government funding and tax deductions; however this is not to say that they are in business without the goal of turning a profit. Much of the generated profit though is in turn put back into the needs of the organization. For-profits… read more

What is The EarthBench Movement?

The Earthbench

Some of the most effective movements stem from a simple concept. The EarthBench is no exception. Using empty plastic bottles and soft, inorganic trash, waste is used as a building material for community gathering spaces. The EarthBench is part of the “Peace on Earthbench Movement” (POEM), a non-profit organization conceived by Brennan Blazer Bird, an ecological educator from the San Francisco Bay area. To make an EarthBench, discarded plastic bottles are filled as snug as possible with soft trash, including plastic bags and fast food wrappers, using a stick to compress each layer of trash firmly towards the bottom. Once… read more

Slow Food Movement

Farming local produce

By the second half of the 20th century the world was already moving at a fast pace, with a majority of people living fast, driving fast, and eating fast. Then, as now, you couldn’t turn onto any major highway without a billboard, sign or restaurant promising cheap, fast food uprooted alongside every exit. But these fast-food chains did more than frequent busy stretches of traffic, as soon they were beginning to invade sacred sections of the built-environment. During the 1980s in Italy, the fast food industry went so far as to propose the construction of a new McDonald’s next to… read more

Conscious Gift Giving

Conscious Gift Giving

You may give several gifts throughout the year, and when you purchase an item you want to be sure and pick out something amazing that will be liked. When buying a great present you can also make more mindful choices in selecting it. Think beyond retail outlets and look for ways to find unique items. Different options for places to buy presents include local shops or groups that offer hand crafted or homemade goods. Also, many non-profit and research organizations offer seasonal and year round merchandise and greeting cards that benefit charities or communities. Donating time in someone’s name to a… read more

Low income solar

Solar Panel

Silicon Valley based SunPower, has announced a partnership with GRID Alternatives to provide solar panels for low-income housing. GRID Alternatives is a non-profit solar installer that trains and leads teams of volunteers and job trainees to install solar power for low-income families throughout California. SunPower will provide GRID Alternatives with solar panels through a combination of donations and fair market value sales. The two companies have worked with each other the past six years, assisting hundreds of families in need and providing more than 1,000 employee volunteer hours, philanthropic gifts, equipment donations and sales. The partnership is expected to generate… read more