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We Care Solar Suitcases Essential For Saving Lives

We Care Solar Suitcases Essential For Saving Lives

Real world issues need solid solutions. There are many solar lighting designs and companies that provide safe, reliable lighting to those in need. There are however, solar products that incorporate more than much needed light. One such design is an all-inclusive suitcase from We Care Solar. Dr. Laura Stachel, an obstetrician and researcher, has been in the field for years, fighting for a basic right for women around the globe – safe childbirth. Pakati – This word means pregnancy in a certain region in Malawi. Dr. Stachel, upon asking for the literal translation of this local term, was told by… read more

Lessons from Niger Delta

Niger Delta, Africa

The Niger Delta is an oil-rich part of Nigeria. Oil prospecting and extraction operations have been undertaken by multinational companies such as Royal Dutch Shell, which was part of the controversial case The Social and Economic Rights Action Centre and another v Nigeria (“SERAC case”) which was heard by the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights. In a nutshell, the SERAC case was a lawsuit where the plaintiffs argued that the government of Nigeria was directly involved in oil production through the state owned Nigerian National Petroleum Company in a joint venture with Shell Petroleum Development Corporation, and that… read more