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Would You Spend Your Day Off Helping Others?

Would You Spend Your Day Off Helping Others?

Not many of us spend our days off from work thinking about the needs of complete strangers. Mark Bustos, however, doesn’t fall in this category. A hairstylist, Bustos works at Three Squares Studio in New York City. Most customers probably pay a nice price for an appointment but reportedly on Sundays, his day off, Bustos sees clients that aren’t necessarily his regulars. And they don’t pay the regular amount for a salon service. Traveling around the city he searches for those in need of a haircut. The homeless population are his targeted group for obtaining the service, and upon approaching… read more

The World’s Greenest Skyscraper

One World Trade Centre

From the ashes of the World Trade Center rises the world’s greenest skyscraper – One World Trade Center. The tragedy of the famed Twin Towers buildings will pave the way for another feat of engineering in the building set to replace them. The architects of the new WTC are shooting to win a number of eco-friendly awards, including a LEED certification (a step below Platinum status), Net Zero CO2 footprint, and more. Some of the aspects of the building’s design include what’s known as Daylighting. This is where the lighting from the windows is equivalent to the lighting provided by… read more

Cloud Pavilion Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles

Cloud Pavilion Made From 53,780 recycled plastic bottles

Responding to the question “What would an art pavilion made out of recycled materials and based around the idea of “The City of Dreams” look like to you?” STUDIOKCA built a giant cloud sculpture made entirely from plastic bottles and other recycled materials. Located within New York’s Governors Island, the pillowy structure was chosen from over 200 submissions and was created for this summer´s Figment NYC outdoor festival, after months of hard work and a lot of patience. The “Head in the Clouds Pavilion” is a massive installation made from recyclable aluminum, wood, and 53,780 recycled plastic bottles and water jugs,… read more

The US To Embrace Biking?

Cycling in the City

As a potential solution to combat the rising dangers and costs associated with climate change, many have advocated for a biking revolution in America, similar to European biking cultures such as Amsterdam and Copenhagen. The benefits are numerous: less traffic on the roads making it easier for public and commercial transportation to get where they need to go; less carbon emissions from vehicles; a healthier population; cheaper fuel costs, etc. There are problems associated with a biking revolution, but most of those are logistical issues such as bike paths and how to incorporate travel via bicycle into the current transportation… read more

NASA Nailed It

Effects of Hurricane Sandy

Six years ago, scientists at the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) in New York warned the city of the vulnerability to hurricane impacts in a changing climate. It was calculated that with a 1.5 foot rise in sea levels, a worst-case-scenario Category 3 hurricane could submerge the vast majority of the city, including “the Rockaways, Coney Island, much of southern Brooklyn and Queens, portions of Long Island City, Astoria, Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, Queens, lower Manhattan, and eastern Staten Island from Great Kills Harbor north to the Verrazano Bridge.” These findings came on the heels of the release of… read more