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Biodegradable Houses

Biodegradable Houses

Materials that are made by nature can be consumed by nature. Being as such, bio-degradation has been around since Earth’s beginnings. Yet, innovations continue to create ‘new’ biodegradable items. This is essential for items like packaging where materials are otherwise artificial and non-biodegradable. However, some people are taking it a step further, using the barest of materials to create biodegradable houses. In a way it is actually more like backtracking, only today’s biodegradable houses are built for modern lifestyles. They are often constructed using raw materials like bare tree limbs and even the Earth itself, achieving a minimalistic design. Though there are still those that incorporate a woodland feel, if not appearing altogether as a modern… read more

Pure Extractions


Flavor extracts have been used for centuries to enhance foods, drinks, and to disguise the bitter taste of certain medicines. Many stores carry extractions, although those not labeled ‘pure’ or containing ‘100%’ of the said ingredient are often full of additives, chemicals, and in some cases sugar. Their flavor is often inferior, as can easily be noticed with imitation vanilla. Though this may slide in a chocolate chip cookie recipe, you need the real deal vanilla if you want dainties such as sugar cookies to hold up. Fortunately, any such dilemma can be easily remedied by making your own extracts at home…. read more

Making Your Own Shampoo

Making your own shampoo

There can be some nasty harsh chemicals out there in commercially made shampoo’s, so here is a how to guide make an easy, organic shampoo for yourself or for a beautifully crafted home-made gift. The base ingredient we shall use is Castile Soap. Originating in Castile, Spain, it has come to mean a vegetable based soap. It should generally be made of predominantly olive oil and other vegetable oils. It should not contain any synthetic foaming agents or detergents or it defeats the purpose of making your own. There are some wonderful products online and of course you could find… read more

Common Cold Remedies

Common cold remedies

There is no definite cure for the common cold. Most products sold in stores act as short-term treatments. They provide symptom relief or shorten the duration of those symptoms. Or you can take a cheaper, natural approach. Below are seven home remedies that may help you feel better along the way. 1. Blow Your Nose Often It’s important to blow your nose regularly when you have a cold rather than sniffling mucus back into your head. If you blow too hard, the pressure can cause an added earache. The recommended way to blow your nose is by pressing a finger… read more

That Special Place

That special place

I first encountered wild nature in Australia when I was four years old. My mum and her sister, Aunty Karen, took me on an excursion to Kondalilla Falls atop the Blackall Range in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. The dense foliage and fast-moving water was unlike anything I had ever seen. I can remember running along the forest track and being filled with such bliss that I proclaimed, “I want to live here. Please can we live here”. But my mother and Aunty didn’t share my enthusiasm to build a home in the rainforest. I cried in the car all the way… read more

Treat Acne Naturally

Healthy skin treatments

We have all had our fair share of acne and often treat it with toxic medications.  Fortunately, there are natural ways to treat acne and save some money.  These natural remedies have been tested by science and are shown to work for most skin types. Dairy – Science has confirmed that diet can cause acne.  According to the Mayo Clinic, eating dairy foods and carbohydrates can cause acne.  The problem is the rise in blood sugar from eating foods containing refined flour.   If dairy is a part of your everyday diet, try cutting back or replacing your usual dairy products with… read more

Conserving Rainwater

Conserving rainwater

Legend says that over two thirds of our earth is covered with water. But the sad part is that most of it is spread out as saline sea water. Only 3 percent of this huge volume comprises of domestically usable water. Further, this percentage shrinks to less than 1 percent when we talk about drinkable fresh water; that too locked in the ice caps. In the Middle East, over a dozen countries face problem of unavailable drinking water. In several Asian countries, unavailability of treated water forces the rural women to travel several miles every day and accumulate usable water… read more

Cake for Thought?

Chocolate cake

When carousing the internet several years back, I discovered something wonderful: soda cake. Just as it sounds this was indeed a recipe for cake, made with soda. But the soda was not a mere inclusion for added flavor, it was all at once the moisture, ‘oil’, and binder of the cake. Meaning there was no need for any fat, water, or eggs. Having just begun life a new as a vegan, this was certainly exciting as it meant I could still have cake on occasion without having to score the health-food aisles for various binding alternatives (Though alternatives have come a long way… read more

Naturally Fighting Cancer

Fighting Cancer Naturally

Tumors form when a cell mutates, creating more mutated cells until a mass is formed. This sometimes results in benign tumors, which are usually harmless, unless located in the cranium where space is limited. Malignant tumors on the other hand are never good and left untreated will result in cancer. But they aren’t indestructible. Their growth is promoted by various environmental factors, as well as lifestyle choices. A large risk factor is constant exposure to carcinogens. Carcinogens have the ability to alter our DNA, resulting in the cell mutation that can lead to cancer. Carcinogens come in a variety of… read more

Benefits of Coconut Oil

Many uses of coconut oil

Dry skin, a cut, or dirty hair?  Try some coconut oil.  Coconut oil offers many health benefits and here are some reasons why you should try it. 1.  Skin Care:  Coconut oil has been a proven moisturizer for all skin types.  It will leave your body looking refreshed and wide awake.  The fat in the oil helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles without any irritation.  Coconut oils can also help with various skin conditions.  In fact, the oil is frequently used in expensive skin care products. 2.  Stress Relief:  You’re having another long Monday at school or the office, your… read more