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DIY Makes Spray Bottles Better

DIY Makes Spray Bottles Better

Spray bottle products are convenient, perfectly sized and their contents are what many deem as daily necessities. However, they can also often include questionable components and high price tags, all contained in plastic. Why buy when you can DIY better than the original? The following bottle mist recipes are all natural and inexpensive. Plus, bottles you already have on hand can be reused to try them out, or you can make your own with a glass container. For a skin safe fragrance, body spray can be made with only 3 ingredients: filtered water, vegetable glycerin and essential oils. Adding vegetable glycerin… read more

The Culinary Lavender

The Culinary Lavender

A fragrant shrub, lavender has tons of uses from medicinal to its effectiveness in aromatherapy. Lavender contains phytonutrients and has benefits when applied topically, inhaled or ingested. Lavender also has many culinary applications. The tops of the flowers can be sprinkled on foods, added in batters and desserts or infused in beverages. Ingesting consumable lavender can ease an upset stomach and aid other digestive problems. It may also benefit the skin’s complexion. Taken orally it can relieve anxiety, calm the mind and help induce sleep. The following recipes provide some ideas on how to add lavender to beverages and food to enhance… read more

Dip into Nature, Not Chlorine

natural pools

The next time you take a swim, consider what you are diving into. It is known that chlorine and other chemicals are commonly used to disinfect swimming pools. But with natural, chlorine free options available, why expose your health to these chemicals? Beyond turning hair green, chlorine also reacts to bodily fluids, including sweat and urine. When combined, toxic breakdown products, called chloramines, are formed. Another of chlorine’s most common effects is eye irritation. This isn’t surprising. What is surprising is that we continue to immerse ourselves, eyes open, into a pool of the stuff. You can cool off in a… read more

Environmentally Friendly Painting System


Europe pretty much has the rest of the world beat when it comes to innovation in the environmentally-friendly department. KLM – Royal Dutch Airlines posted a video a couple of years ago showing how they use eco-friendly electrostatic paint to coat new airplanes. The short video is pretty neat to watch, and although painting airplanes has probably never come up on your “How do they do it?” list, we think you’ll enjoy learning something new. Check it:

How Technology is Helping Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine

Herbal medicine often conjures feeling of ambiguity in people who, despite realizing its expansive history, question its curative powers. While it is easy to think of newer, synthetic drugs as superior, the healing potential of plants should not be limited to supplemental medicine. In fact, certain plants have positive effects that cannot be replicated by synthetics. For example, milk thistle promotes the growth of liver cells. This is crucial for liver protection in cases of damage from alcohol consumption, among other ailments, and remains beyond the efforts of artificial development. So technology’s presence comes not as a rival to make herbal medicine obsolete. On… read more

Herbal Teas At Home


In addition to harvesting your own tea varieties, you can add spices and herbs to create either classic or unique tea blends to suit your palette. If you are unable to grow your own tea, you can still use loose tea, which can be found at most grocery and specialty stores. Or you can leave out the tea leaves to create herbal teas instead. Here are a few blends that have proven the test of time and continue to be steeped and sipped by casual tea drinkers and connoisseurs alike. Chai Tea This blend is often used with black tea, but can be… read more

Nature’s Repellents Outdoors – Part 3


 Image Source: http://farm4.staticflickr.com For many, a serene evening under the stars is obstructed by various visitors of winged and multiple limbs. Indeed, contact with some of these pests poses health risks, as with the connection between mosquito bites and dengue fever. Still, though they are sometimes pesky in the context of our daily lives, these minute creatures do play a intrinsic role in the web of biodiversity. Thus, it is not always wise to seek out chemical solutions in order to rid of them. Not only do chemical pesticides harm insects, but humans and pets as well. They also leach… read more

Nature’s Repellents – Part 2


  The broad market for bug traps and repellents extensively relies on the use of chemical insecticides. This can greatly devalue the sought after benefits of insecticides, as the adverse effects – poison, release of volatile organic compounds, etc – tend to outweigh them. And often, their effects are temporary, ridding you only of pests that persist presently in your home, failing to prevent future bug invasions. Spray Repellents Catnip Tea While harmless to humans and pets, catnip is an effective repellent to cockroaches. This is due to its active ingredient, nepetalactone. As it is an inducer of euphoria to… read more

Top 5 Natural History Museums


Museums are just one of those things we love visiting as kids. The fun activities, the interactive experience, and the educational atmosphere trumps almost all field trips we’ve attended throughout our schooling years. Even as adults, the learning never ends, nor does the curiosity. If you’re interested in visiting some of the top-quality natural history museums in the world, we’ve created a short list for you. 1. Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History Fun fact: It’s the size of 18 football fields (325,000 sq. feet!). Cool Exhibits: The Discovery Room, Sant Ocean Hall, 45-foot-long model of a Blue Whale 2…. read more

Sweet Relief Without The Sugar


From early childhood we are introduced to products laden with sugar. It is nearly impossible to go to the grocery store without being bombarded with “impulse buys”, in the form of ‘fun sized’ assortments of chocolate bars and sugary confections. But in addition to these sugar addictions, there is an inherent shame about our consumption. Of course, there are also many health concerns posed by over-consumption of sugars. While with any food or habit it is all about moderation, it can be hard to break certain habits without avoiding them altogether. This brings about a search for alternatives, so that people can be in the… read more