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There’s A Grand Canyon Under Greenland


The Grand Canyon in Arizona is one of the world’s oldest and largest natural marvels. Measuring 277 miles long, 18 miles wide at certain points, and a mile deep, the Canyon is mind-blowingly massive. Brace yourselves for yet another gigantic natural wonder; a newly discovered canyon under Greenland at least twice as long as the Grand Canyon. Buried under at least two miles of ice, this canyon was found while performing routine studies on the ice sheets to measure glacier melting.  

Artificial and Natural Alterations to the Earth

Artificial and Natural Alterations to the Earth

The earth’s water and land surfaces have changed over time, some by natural means and some by the exact opposite. Some distinctive formations are conversation striking structures, and whether they are geologically produced by Mother Nature or synthetically constructed by man, the source that can cause such a physical presence can be just as astounding. Covered in ice during cold months, the Ekati Mine in Canada operates even under completely frozen road conditions. The mine is a diamond bonanza, and so far it has birthed 40 million or so carats of them. Though mines can be major sources of income, when they are… read more