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Maple Syrup Also A Medicine


Sap from maple trees can enhance recipes, but the syrupy substance also has many medicinal properties. Known for centuries for its sweet flavor, it has also been turned to for natural remedies. Native North American people discovered the tree sap and its many beneficial qualities. Around the 17th century it was sold as an affordable, natural sweetener, and has been popular ever since. Maple syrup is made when the sap from maple trees is collected by drilling a hole and gathering the slow-dripping, thick liquid. It is then run through an evaporator to concentrate the syrup. After going through the evaporation… read more

I’m Healthy, But…….

Eating healthily

You want to be healthier but you don’t like brown rice. If you prefer white grains, try Jasmine rice instead. Though white Jasmine rice isn’t as beneficial as brown rice, it doesn’t metabolize into sugar the way standard white rice does. Basmati rice is also a better option than packaged white rice. Both Jasmine and Basmati are of the long grain variety and have a lower glycemic index. You want to be healthier but you still drink soda. Lucky for you, nature (paired with some health conscious soda lovers) has created a natural, calorie free soda. They call it Zevia…. read more