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Coloring Hair Naturally

Coloring Hair Naturally

If you are trying to incorporate more environmentally friendly ways into your routines, you may think having your hair colored might not be an option. There are, however, natural ways to subtly color or brighten your hair at home using things that may already be in the pantry. If you want to change the looks of your locks but aren’t up for chemical treatments try the following tips for naturally tinted hair. Red and auburn shades can use the juice from vegetables like carrots and beets, or crimson fruits like pomegranates to saturate the hair strands. Brunette hair can be enriched with a… read more

Natural Paint

Natural Paints (photo by knottyboy on Flickr)

Some of the first recorded paintings were found in Africa and date back around 30,000 years. Early painted works have been found in caves and dwelling areas worldwide, and the art of painting continues as expression and necessity. Modern paints are obviously vastly different than the cave variety. Store bought paints contain chemical additives and harmful substances that are released into the air in varying quantities, called volatile organic compounds. When you choose a natural mixture you have total quality control and there are no lingering toxins. In addition to being better for your space and the environment, it is… read more