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Garlic For Good Health

Garlic For Good Health

In addition to cooking, garlic has been used throughout history in the home and for medicinal purposes. Garlic cloves can be purchased from the market, or you can grow your own garlic fairly easily with proper soil and moisture conditions. It can be grown inside or outdoors, though gardening experts say not to plantĀ garlic in the same area outside for two years in a row or it may promote plants to have disease issues. Garlic has many practical uses around the house and garden. It can be used instead of chemicals to keep away outdoor insects or ones residing in… read more

Homemade Tonic Remedies

Natural homemade tonics

Tonics have endless uses, like cleaning and disinfecting to being used for homemade spa treatments and medical remedies. Making tonics with household ingredients saves money and exposure to harsh and unnecessary chemicals. Tonics have been turned to for thousands of years by numerous cultures for preventative and restorative medicinals. They can be prepared from mixtures containing things like herbs, produce, roots and various other natural ingredients. The effects can be gradual and many require repeated use for optimum benefits. They are intended to naturally energize, detox and clarify mentalĀ and physical properties. Tonics can be applied to skin for different facial… read more

The Beauty of Meditation


Meditation is a simple technique which facilitates the return to a child-like state of presence, inner peace and stability. In the Western world, where walking around stressed and anxious is completely normal and the resulting health problems are rampant, Meditation, the ancient and timeless practice of deep conscious relaxation, is gaining popularity like never before. Meditation v Medication While prescription medicines like anti-depressants can be of enormous relief to sufferers of stress-related disorders in the short term; they do not treat the source of the imbalances and are therefore impermanent. This is why many doctors say clinical depression is incurable,… read more