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What Is The Rarest Precious Metal?


It’s no secret that we’re running out of non-renewable resources. Everything from oil reserves to natural gas will be used up in the next 1oo years, making the need to develop alternative energy sources a necessity rather than a novelty. But what about precious metals? How rare are they, and which is the rarest? Michael Stevens of Vsauce takes us on a short journey to answer that very question. Check it out:

Gasland: Can You Light Your Water On Fire?


Documentary films are (usually) really neat and informative to watch. Depending on the subject, one can learn a considerable amount of info that they otherwise would have been oblivious to. For instance, one of my favorite documentary programs is Bloomberg Game Changers, which follows a series of inventors, businessmen, and individuals doing their part to change the world. More on the topic of the environment, though, is a film called ‘Gasland‘. Created by documentary filmmaker Josh Fox, the 2011 film was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary. The film takes the viewer into the communities and cities impacted… read more

Renewable Energy to Surpass Fossil-Fuels


By 2016 renewable energy shall outsource natural gas, lagging only behind coal as the U.S.’s leading electricity source. Within this time frame, according to the International Energy Agency, power generation rates from wind, solar, and hydroelectric energy will more than double those of nuclear energy. In 2018, it is predicted, that renewable energy sector will increase another 40 percent worldwide and account for 25 percent of all electricity production. This is an increase of 20 percent from just two years previous. As it is, renewable energy sources are currently the fastest growing sector in power-generation; allowing for a diverse means… read more

Next Target for Fracking

Next Target For Fracking

Earlier in the week, residents of New York rallied against the possibility of Governor Andrew Cuomo lifting the moratorium on drilling new wells for the extraction of natural gas using a process called “fracking.” Fracking is an extremely controversial method of natural gas extraction, given the inherent dangers of pumping freshwater combined with chemicals into shale formations, and the health and environmental hazards that it creates. Fracking has been linked to diseases in people living around the site, likely due to the chemically-contaminated water. Further, the chemicals used contaminate the land, presenting a situation where crops and animals that feed… read more