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The CampStove – Portable, Efficient and Smart


While there exist many solar-feed beacons to provide efficient light and heat whilst indulging in the great outdoors, their productivity is often compromised when you need them most – as the sun sails vastly beneath the horizon and you find yourself shrouded in darkness. The CampStove, created by Biolite, is fueled by biomass, which is easily comprised of common woodland trimmings. These include twigs, wood pellets, and pine-cones. Such sources are abundantly scattered throughout woods and yards, and, as they require no tree chopping or other harmful practices, are considered renewable. Once trimmings are collected, they can be placed in… read more

Benefits of Carbon Taxing


In the past, the thought of carbon taxing prompted within many Americans an internal groan at the thought of paying more money for our gas use. But a recent survey from December shows that most Americans would support the proposal of carbon taxing, with 70 percent in favor.¬†Especially as taxing big corporations for their use of fuel could inspire the application of cleaner strategies, while the money made from taxing could go towards funding environmental solution programs and the creation of green jobs. Not only would carbon taxes help curb the escalating release of carbon emissions, but could also reduce… read more

After The Storm

After The Storm

Summer is a bitter sweet season in much of Southern Africa in that it brings with it much needed summer rains and a variety of fruits, but it also brings with it erratic weather patterns. Storms are a common occurrence here, and they usually result in such serious harm to property that many locations are declared disaster areas. Natural phenomena such as storms and resultant floods can result in environmental damage. Such damage emanates from ignorance as to how to manage a natural disaster. Some of these disasters occur in remote areas where assistance from the government may take days… read more