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The Living Room Project

The Living Room Project

Growing, living things are all around us. Industrial design students Merjan Tara Sisman and Brian McClellan have taken note of this, and fused the scientific laboratory with furniture design creating an experiment with an interesting outcome. Their brainchild, The Living Room Project, shows how living organisms can be manipulated and engineered into specific shapes. While they were looking into different organisms for their thesis project, they stumbled upon the unique rooting structure of mushrooms. Forming mycelium, or mushroom roots, into various shapes may sound complicated and a little peculiar, but the completely natural process is actually fairly simple. Looking into the way… read more

Log Garden


Gardening can seem tricky in cities where space is limited. This results in people choosing to create windowsill gardens and grow in potted plants to preserve space. Even then, you may be faced with insufficient amounts of sunlight. There are remedies for this, found in nutritious plants that have the ability to grow in confined spaces, and sustain life with little light exposure.  This comes in handy in places where most is shrouded in shadows cast by multi-story tower blocks. Mushrooms are a good example of this. In the wild they grow on dead trees and, as added convenience for city dwellers, they can grow on logs as well. The method… read more