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Top 5 Natural History Museums


Museums are just one of those things we love visiting as kids. The fun activities, the interactive experience, and the educational atmosphere trumps almost all field trips we’ve attended throughout our schooling years. Even as adults, the learning never ends, nor does the curiosity. If you’re interested in visiting some of the top-quality natural history museums in the world, we’ve created a short list for you. 1. Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History Fun fact: It’s the size of 18 football fields (325,000 sq. feet!). Cool Exhibits: The Discovery Room, Sant Ocean Hall, 45-foot-long model of a Blue Whale 2…. read more

The Giant European Floating Museum

Floating Museum

Much like our story regarding Peter Thiel’s genius idea to construct massive floating islands, a Belgian architect envisions a giant floating museum to travel Europe’s rivers. The conceptual museum has been dubbed “Physalia”, though it is much more than a simple historical attraction. The futuristic boat will contain a museum, a nightclub, gardens, and other green design features, including extensive filtration systems and solar energy. Vincent Callebaut, the man behind the vision, has big plans for Physalia. He expects that it will float down rivers while simultaneously making the water clean and drinkable via the ship’s filters. The boat will… read more