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Architectual Oddities Fill-in City Gaps


Eradicating urban cavities across the likes of New York City and Helsinki, Live Between Buildings are slender apartments, set to be installed within the nooks and crannies of cramped city-scapes. Their 5-foot width and tactful design allow the apartments to rest snuggly within areas that are otherwise difficult to utilize. They also allow occupants to live in-between homes without any indications towards a transient lifestyle. Their proposal came about as part of the International Design┬áCompetition, NEW VISION OF THE LOFT 2, organized by FAKRO in collaboration with the magazine A10 European Architecture – having won the contest. The winning project… read more

Self-Sustaining Restaurant in Frankfurt


The food and energy projects, proposed by ZA Architects, will function as a network of public spaces in the once industrial district of Ost, found in Frankfurt am Main. Spanning 87,000 sq meters, the design intends to merge recreational space with the agricultural and energy production facilities needed to keep operations afloat. Focusing on a Greenhouse restaurant, the project centers on the idea of a self-sufficient dining establishment, whose food supply will be cultivated from both a greenhouse and the agricultural plot of an adjoining urban park. Furthermore, all buildings shall operate with the energy produced from an on-site power… read more