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What Will We Miss When We’re Gone?


The circle of life. Kicking the bucket. Moving on to the “Great Blue Bayou”. Whatever you call it, we all pass away someday, leaving behind an entire future for our children to explore. Since the human body only lives for 70 – 90 years on average, this doesn’t give us much time to enjoy the world we inhabit. So just what will we miss out on? Vsauce created an extraordinary video showing us how exciting the universe is going to get in the near future (and by near, I mean the next few billion years). The video is a wonderful tool showing… read more

Planting in Accordance with the Moon


Planting in correlation with the moon’s phases is a practice that traces back to the beginning of agriculture, and remains an important part of bio-dynamic agriculture. The process of ascending and descending of the moon lasts approximately 27 days, 7 hours, and 43 minutes. During the waxing phase, the amount of sap in plants increases. This is a sign of activity increase in aerial plants. Fruits with higher juice contents are best harvested at this time. It is also best to cut the lawn while the moon is waxing, as it promotes better growth. As the moon begins to wane,… read more