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A Living Computer Created From Slime Mold


Researchers from the University of the West of England in Bristol have discovered a means of creating intelligent, powerful biocomputers using the slime found on rotten leaves and logs. It is a theory first presented in the 70’s by researchers at the University of California in Berkeley. In 2008, the theory was put into practice using titanium dioxide nanoparticles. Now researchers want to create a “living computer” with the slime mold. Check it: What do you think? Would you ever pay for an organic computer?

A Moldy Home Could Be A Good Thing


Traditionally, it is considered dirty and unwanted to have mold on your home. We create paints and varnishes that repel moisture and seedlings from plants, vines, and other naturally growing “things”. However, researchers at Barcelona Tech (UPC) decided that mold should be a featured piece on homes and buildings. They created a wall that promotes the growth of fungi and lichens. It begins with a structured layer of cement protected by waterproof materials. The biological layer comes next, which allows water to accumulate inside of it for colonisation. Instead of repelling moss and lichens, it helps with the development of… read more

Make Your Bathroom Sparkle (Chemical-Free)


Being a place for cleansing and refreshment, it would make sense that the bathroom be finely groomed itself. A clean bathroom is not only crucial for better health within the home, but much like a well made bed in an otherwise messy room, it can change the perception of the entire house. If, however, you’re not one to clean your bathrooms habitually, one tidy up can lead to dubious hours spent knelt over bathtubs with a variety of cleaning agents. By learning naturally-based cleaning methods, you can implement cleaning rituals without disrupting your daily routine. You also learn to maintain an… read more