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Try Coconut And Grapefruit For The Skin And Hair

Try Coconut And Grapefruit For The Skin And Hair

Things that are beneficial for the skin and hair don’t always have to come in a package. Coconut and grapefruit are seemingly simple ingredients, but they are both packed with nutrient rich properties that offer an all-natural boost. Coconut is moisture-rich and grapefruit is loaded with antioxidants that can remove dead skin cells, brighten and tone. For exfoliation, this homemade scrub uses coconut oil and palm sugar, ground coffee and cinnamon. These ingredients work together to exfoliate, reduce inflammation, moisturize and effectively cleanse the skin. This recipe for grapefruit sugar scrub comes with free printables including labels and a grapefruit… read more

Benefits of Coconut Oil

Many uses of coconut oil

Dry skin, a cut, or dirty hair?  Try some coconut oil.  Coconut oil offers many health benefits and here are some reasons why you should try it. 1.  Skin Care:  Coconut oil has been a proven moisturizer for all skin types.  It will leave your body looking refreshed and wide awake.  The fat in the oil helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles without any irritation.  Coconut oils can also help with various skin conditions.  In fact, the oil is frequently used in expensive skin care products. 2.  Stress Relief:  You’re having another long Monday at school or the office, your… read more