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The Thesis Project Turned Mobile Living Space

The Thesis Project Turned Mobile Living Space

People have long held a love of being able to travel with their homes. Last year, a graduate student in architecture, Hank Butitta, reported that he was growing tired of school projects which were seemingly not useful in the real world of architecture. Evaluating the learning process in architectural application, he wanted to employ a full scale development instead of a project on paper for his thesis. A self-reported hands-on student, his proactive nature led him to an interesting purchase and renovation idea. Wanting to do more than a drawing assignments that would never leave the conceptual board or constructing… read more

Inner-City Nomads

Inner City Nomads

Urban mobility, and transient living take on a new life with the introduction of Tricycle-Houses in Beijing.  They can be likened to a caravan or mobile home, though also a human-powered chariot, as citizens, it seems, are able to take official residence within their tricycle-house, while moving freely about the city. This comes as a necessity, in a country where owning a home is becoming nearly impossible as the cost of land ownership continues to rise and space is increasingly becoming a rare luxury. Appearances aside, tricycle-houses are equipped with enough ‘tricks’ and stow-able amenities to make living off the… read more