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DIY Reflections

DIY Reflections

Mirrors are an often overlooked feature in a room, even though they can be expensive decorations. Fixing up mirrors from discount stores or reinventing an old mirror frame can give a room an entirely new look. The following do it yourself projects are a few ideas to liven up drab mirrors. Garage sales, flea market finds or discount stores can usually turn up a good mirror to use, so you can style one without going broke. Projects can be formed around any size mirror. For instance, compact mirrors can be grouped for a shiny presentation. This neat wall mirror sets boring aside. The… read more

Make Your Bathroom Sparkle (Chemical-Free)


Being a place for cleansing and refreshment, it would make sense that the bathroom be finely groomed itself. A clean bathroom is not only crucial for better health within the home, but much like a well made bed in an otherwise messy room, it can change the perception of the entire house. If, however, you’re not one to clean your bathrooms habitually, one tidy up can lead to dubious hours spent knelt over bathtubs with a variety of cleaning agents. By learning naturally-based cleaning methods, you can implement cleaning rituals without disrupting your daily routine. You also learn to maintain an… read more

Amazing Treehotel in Sweden Suspended From Trees

Amazing Treehotel in Sweden is Suspended From Trees

Do you have your sights set high for your summer vacation? If that’s the case you might want to check in at the gorgeous Treehotel in Sweden. Located within the pristine forests of northern Sweden, just miles away from the Arctic Circle, the Treehotel combines awesome design and eco-tourism, offering guests modern sustainable rooms suspended high up in the branches. Each of the rooms at the Treehotel is unique. They have all been prefabricated on site and designed to be modern and comfortable, creating minimal impact on the environment. Called The Cabin, The Mirrorcube, The Bird’s Nest, The Blue Cone,… read more

Sun + Mirrors = Power


Leading green power companies have formed the Concentrating Solar Power Alliance