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Microbial Fuel Cells Produce Electricity and Clean Water


Researchers at Penn State University have developed a system called a microbial reverse electrolysis cell (MRC), which is capable of not only producing clean energy, but also clean water. Currently, microbial fuel cells are not efficient enough to generate significant amounts of energy from wastewater, but reverse-electrodialysis systems (RED) can, yet require costly materials to produce power. The team of researchers combined the best of both systems to develop the MRC, which is said to generate “surprising” levels of electricity. Although right now, the MRC system still requires expensive membranes to operate, the research could spur on further innovation in… read more

Robot Vacuum Concept is Powered by Dirt

Limbo cleaning robot concept

Sometime in the future, we may be able to let robot vacuum cleaners loose in our houses, and they can not only clean the floors, but power themselves by the dirt they suck up. A concept device from designer Elliot Cohen, called Limbo, is free of power cords and heavy batteries, and its unique design enables it to crawl up and down stairs and over other objects. To celebrate their 25th anniversary, cleaning products company Casabella presented the design for Limbo at the 2013 International Housewares Show 2013 in Chicago, and while it’s not a working prototype, the concept itself… read more