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The Scanadu Scout: A real-life Tricorder

Artist's Rendering

Star Trek fans, Third-World medical doctors, and fans of awesome gadgets–rejoice! A real-life, working “tricorder” has just been created, and will change the medical world as we know it. Currently, we use an amalgamation of tools and devices to diagnose patients and ourselves. In underdeveloped nations, access to these types of technologies is expensive and impractical, as sanitation methods are pitifully laughable. In the fictional Star Trek television show, space-age doctors used a tool called a “tricorder” to diagnose patients in seconds, and without touching them, no less. The medical world has never created anything similar, and had made little… read more

Solar Powered Sterilizer

Sterilized medical equipment

We all know that the sun generates massive amounts of heat, but who knew that it could be used as a sterilizer for medical equipment? In third-world countries, doctors don’t always have access to clean equipment, which means that patients put under the knife may come out of the procedure with infections and other diseases. Researchers at MIT’s science lab created a solution for this global problem, and it involves using natural elements as a sterilizer. This machine is called an autoclave, and it blasts medical equipment with 250-degree steam under pressure. Hospitals in the U.S. and other developed countries use… read more