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Masdar City Development Promises Eco-Metropolis

Masdar City Development Promises Eco-Metropolis

Many examples of sustainable communities can be found across the globe, however there is one currently in the construction and development phase that is breaking the blueprint mold. Called Masdar City, the sprawling multifaceted area is located in the United Arab Emirates in Abu Dhabi. Masdar literally means ‘the source’, and it is planned to be an efficient, environmentally designed metropolitan expanse. The project actually began many years ago and had hoped for a finalization date sometime soon, but now developers are looking at a completion date of 2015 for Phase 1 of the design. It assures an upgraded lifestyle… read more

Masdar City And The World of Tomorrow

Masdar City

We’ve written about floating islands, Mars colonies, the future, and more. Now we’ll give you a glimpse of what the next eco-centric city might look like, and you’ll find it, of all places, in the Middle East. Why would a place known the world over for its petroleum exports build a solar-powered city? Well, for starters, because it’s in their best interests. At this point and time, alternative energy is on the up-and-up. Oil-powered vehicles will be a thing of the past in the next couple of decades. Masdar City won’t be built overnight, so it’s wise to plan ahead…. read more