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Mineral Make Up

Mineral Make Up

Modern mineral make up is friendly to our planet and not contaminated with lead and synthetics. Mineral makeup contains all-natural ingredients such as seed oil, flower extract, titanium dioxide and mica. Mica and other minerals are naturally occurring and have been praised for their color for centuries – the ancient Egyptians enjoyed wearing mica. With mineral makeup there are no synthetic colors, artificial fragrances or petrochemicals. Additionally, mineral makeup is a natural UVA/B ray blocker. Many companies now offer mineral solutions in makeup. Companies like MAC and Origins sell different products with about 80% minerals that are all natural. Other… read more

The Truth About “Cruelty-Free” Cosmetics


While Europe has recently banned animal testing for the manufacturing of human vanity – with Israel now following suite – the U.S. and Asia, both large cosmetic markets, continue to subject animals to testing. Law does not require companies to test products on animals, and in vitro alternatives do exist. Yet, 80 percent of the world’s cosmetics are still tested on animals, and 89 percent of cosmetic ingredients have undetectable origins. Because of this, most compassion-conscious citizens choose products labelled “Cruelty-Free” and “Not Tested on Animals”, as they appear be ethical stamps of approval. However, they can be misleading. Many… read more