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Why Eat Seasonally?

Eating Seasonal Produce

Eating food out of season is unsustainable for a number of reasons. Transporting the food, as well as creating and transporting its packaging, uses fossil fuels and generates carbon emissions that contribute to global warming. Furthermore, produce shipped in from other places is often grown in monocultures, a practice that also has negative consequences for the environment. However, there are other impacts beyond these environmental problems. Eating out-of-season foods shipped in from other places compromises local food security by investing in a global system at the expense of a local one. It also leads to a loss of food knowledge,… read more

How to Host a Green Dinner Party

Go Green At Dinner

Putting on a dinner party can be a big event. Even if there are only a few people on the invitation list it can take a lot of planning to produce it. From the decorations to the menu, it can be done with an environmental focus. With a little conscious preparation you can throw a party where your appreciation for guests and sustainably are evident in the details. Usually for a dinner event the focus is on the food, but other ways to save economically and on your ecological output are by using digital invitations instead of traditional paper types,… read more

Eat Better Cakes

Eat healthy cakes

Cakes have been made and eaten around the world in celebrations for many ages. Birthday cakes are an annual custom that sprang up around the 19th century as did more widespread consumption of cakes, according to food historians. Although they have changed a lot from their introduction they are now considered a dessert staple, either in their most basic form or decorated beyond the imagination. Whether supplying the cake for the party or just wanting to serve up a better one at home, you can have smarter celebrations starting with the edible centerpiece. If you bake a lot of cakes,… read more