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What Makes Food Sustainable?


What makes food sustainable?┬áThere are many different definitions of sustainable food. Sustain, a UK charity devoted to promoting sustainable food, emphasizes protection of biodiversity, environmental friendliness, health, and social and economic benefits. According to the University of Queensland, Australia, there are a number of things that impact the sustainability of food, including farming practices (i.e., use of pesticides and other chemicals, harvesting approaches), transport, processing, and business practices (i.e., Fair Trade). Sustain has clear recommendations for sustainable eating and drinking, and these are listed below: – Purchasing local, seasonal foods – Buying food produced by environmentally friendly farms – Keeping… read more

Is This the Future of Home Food Production?

Could this be the Future of Home Food Production?

If you’ve got the room, putting in a home garden can help decrease your food costs (and food miles) and put fresh food on your table. But without a greenhouse, that doesn’t work so well in the winter time, so unless you start an indoor garden, you’ll have a tough time growing fresh produce through the cold season. And for many people living in apartments, a home garden or a greenhouse simply isn’t an option, so an indoor garden is the only way to grow some of your own food, regardless of the season. Thanks to products such as the… read more

Self-Sustaining Restaurant in Frankfurt


The food and energy projects, proposed by ZA Architects, will function as a network of public spaces in the once industrial district of Ost, found in Frankfurt am Main. Spanning 87,000 sq meters, the design intends to merge recreational space with the agricultural and energy production facilities needed to keep operations afloat. Focusing on a Greenhouse restaurant, the project centers on the idea of a self-sufficient dining establishment, whose food supply will be cultivated from both a greenhouse and the agricultural plot of an adjoining urban park. Furthermore, all buildings shall operate with the energy produced from an on-site power… read more