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Trashy Artists: 2 To Pick Through

Trashy Artists: 2 To Pick Through

It’s doubtful that most would see a thrown out wrapper as a masterpiece. However, garbage in all its cast off splendor has inspired many to delve into the material to produce more than a full wastebasket, but for reflective statement pieces. Nico van Hoorn is into trash. Some of his works have been entirely formed around what some may find less than appealing. One series titled TRASHLOG was created by walking around for about 30 minutes each day and collecting litter. Beginning on May 5, 2002 and continuing through May 4th, 2005 the 3 year project was developed by strictly… read more

Coca-Cola, In the Rocks


Beverage containers are one of the most common littered items found at beaches. Last year, over the span of one day alone, approximately one-half million volunteers worldwide collected 521,730 glass beverage bottles and over a million plastic beverage bottles from beaches across the globe. While there are many biodegradable packaging alternatives in the works, they are far from accessible to the every-day consumer. And those that have surfaced still pose the threat of releasing nitrogen, a substance more potent than CO2 emissions, if tossed into an anaerobic pile of waste. Still, plastic containers, should they degrade, will only break down… read more

It’s Best to Boycott Bottled Water

Boycott Bottled Water

Bottled water is not a sustainable product. Buying it harms the environment in a number of ways. Fossil fuels are burned and carbon emissions generated in the production, transportation, and disposal or recycling of plastic bottles and other packaging. It takes 3 liters of water to produce a single liter of bottled water. Purchasing bottled water takes control of water resources from the public and turns it over to large private corporations that are less motivated to protect the environment or human health. Although there are some regions where tap water presents health concerns, the nations that are the biggest… read more

Make a Rug Out of Recycled Materials

Felt Chevron Rug from Ready Made

Tons of functional designs can be made from recycled and surplus supplies. Rugs are one example of useful items that can be made from resources that are already on hand, or readily available ones that can be saved up for a project. Plastic bags make sturdy, lasting rugs that are perfect for outdoor weather. Their colors can be incorporated into patterns and assembled into any size. Also, their constant free supply makes them an ideal material. Homestead Weaving Studio makes “bag-in-a-tree rugs” which were inspired by driving through rural Indiana and Southern Illinois in the U.S. and observing the many… read more

What is The EarthBench Movement?

The Earthbench

Some of the most effective movements stem from a simple concept. The EarthBench is no exception. Using empty plastic bottles and soft, inorganic trash, waste is used as a building material for community gathering spaces. The EarthBench is part of the “Peace on Earthbench Movement” (POEM), a non-profit organization conceived by Brennan Blazer Bird, an ecological educator from the San Francisco Bay area. To make an EarthBench, discarded plastic bottles are filled as snug as possible with soft trash, including plastic bags and fast food wrappers, using a stick to compress each layer of trash firmly towards the bottom. Once… read more



The beauty of the natural environment can only be truly appreciated when human beings have a very limited impact on such environment. Well, at least in Swaziland this is the case. One of the most barbaric of ways that mankind destroys the aesthetic appeal of his environment is littering. Littering is a bad habit that is not about to be subside. It is not an uncommon sight to see a grown person eat a packet of chips only to discard the plastic packet on the ground. It is also just as rife to see people throw things such as bottles,… read more