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These Textiles Don’t Come From A Factory Line

These Textiles Don’t Come From A Factory Line

Many items that were once only handmade designs are now products of the manufacturing assembly lines. Textiles can be found in retail outlets, from the mass market to the artisanal crafter, but the latter seems to be making a cloth comeback. The art of creating unique and versatile textiles that can be used for a range of around the house items to wearable fashions is steadily becoming more popular, as many prefer more natural and quality handmade materials. Paper No. 9 based in Brooklyn, New York has handcrafted, artisan made textiles. Their all natural, nontoxic and synthetic free process turns… read more

Eco-Luxe Nursery Necessities – Fit for Royalty

Eco-Luxe Nursery Necessities

When the birth of a little one is near, royal excitement starts to go around. When buying for the much anticipated guest forget baby bling, but opt for practical pieces that mom and baby will really use. And so, with the impending birth of the newest royal just around the corner, it started us thinking about the perfect baby items that Prince William and Kate, The Duchess of Cambridge, might find both useful and necessary. Here are a few suggestions we have come up with. Linens A definite need for babies who are amiably renowned for requiring numerous daily wardrobe changes, linens… read more