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Woven Wicker Lighting Designs

Made in MIMBRE: Wicker Elegant Furniture From Chile

Chilean designers had joint local artisans to create a collection of furniture that is both, sustainable and gorgeous. Made from locally sourced mimbre (wicker), the Made in MIMBRE includes woven lamps, tables and seats all made from the dried plant material. Biodegradable and compostable, the elegant furniture collection is an initiative from The Andes House, a not-for-profit social project that aims to add thoughtful modern design to traditional handcrafting techniques. Local artisans make these design wonders from a town called Chimbarongo, near Chile‘s bustling capital Santiago. The town, which is well known for their history on mimbre crafts and exceptional geographical… read more

Light Fixtures That Make The Room

Light Fixtures That Make The Room

Light fixtures are an important part of a room, both in a design aspect as well as lighting quality. The following are some lighting designs that blow boring lampshades aside and would wake up any room they are in. From the 1870’s, this historic building houses the office space below. The sophisticated and a bit broody atmosphere is topped off by this striking updated glass chandelier, which helps soften the raw look of the space and the exposed brick. Gorgeous and gothic, this cascading light sculpture was created by glass artist Andy Paiko especially for the room. From Jessica Helgerson… read more

Crafty Uses for Take-out Containers


Even when thoroughly cleaned and let to dry, Chinese takeout containers, due to their wax and plastic coating, are often unacceptable donors to the recycle bin. But with annual orders of Chinese takeout peaking above the billions, most don’t wish to idly stand and let the stacks of container waste rise, let alone participate themselves. So, while by no means a solid solution, as it doesn’t put a stop to the creation of new, equally un-recyclable food containers, up-cycling does allow you to put a creative dent in your own waste. And, in many cases it serves to reduce additional… read more