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Light Fixtures That Make The Room

Light Fixtures That Make The Room

Light fixtures are an important part of a room, both in a design aspect as well as lighting quality. The following are some lighting designs that blow boring lampshades aside and would wake up any room they are in. From the 1870’s, this historic building houses the office space below. The sophisticated and a bit broody atmosphere is topped off by this striking updated glass chandelier, which helps soften the raw look of the space and the exposed brick. Gorgeous and gothic, this cascading light sculpture was created by glass artist Andy Paiko especially for the room. From Jessica Helgerson… read more

Light Fixtures Made From Laundry – and Other Luminous Designs


From self-powered lamps to light fixtures made from dirty laundry, the following lighting designs are innovative and well hung in any modern home, facilitating the change to Eco-friendly illumination to keep homeowners out of the Dark Ages. Living Light pendant lamps make luminous vessels for hanging plants. Designed by Michael Oechsle, they allow you to enjoy a suspended garden of herbs right above your dining room table. Other than the occasional tending, herbs are nourished both by light and a water reservoir that lies at the top. Through the forces of gravity, the water seeps down within the lamp and… read more