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Giving It The Green Light

Greener lighting at home

These days when we go shopping for a new laptop or television we are looking for the thinnest and lightest product available. Researchers have come up with graphene based electrode technology which make affordable and energy efficient display technology that could be a good alternative to light bulbs. Interestingly it is so sleek that it could even be used as wallpaper or applied to ceilings. Almost all modern devices use organic light emitting diodes (OLED) for display which are energy efficient but also have some drawbacks. The slimness comes with a cost making it very expensive compared to CRT or LCD type displays. OLED… read more

LED Bulb Controlled By Your Smartphone

Fall In Love With LIFX

Imagine a light bulb that is energy efficient and that you can control with your iPhone or Android phone. Launched on the creative funding website Kickstarter, is a light bulb reinvention project. LIFX, which is a Wi-Fi enabled, multicolored, energy efficient light bulb, has successfully raised its funding goal and consumers eagerly wait its arrival for purchase. You can preorder on the website now. LIFX is an LED bulb that is self-contained for easy installment. There is no need to call an electrician as this bulb can easily screw in and works perfectly on its own. The LIFX can control lights by… read more

Lightbulbs For A Lifetime

Lightbulbs for a Lifetime

Interested in a lightbulb that will probably last longer than your tenure at your current residence? 3M thought you might be, which is why their LED Advanced Light bulb is the best and longest-lasting bulb on the market. By 2014, the Energy Independence and Security Act will ban incandescent bulbs in favor of LED’s and fluorescents. The Advanced Light Bulb is getting a headstart on the market, and it’s your best option right now. LED’s have the efficiency of fluorescent bulbs, but without the harsh light emission. For $25, you can own 3M’s light bulb that is estimated to last… read more

Bioengineering a Glow In the Dark Light Bulb

Bioengineering a Glow In the Dark Light Bulb

Most of the time, when you read about something that has been genetically modified, it’s in reference to agriculture and food, and there’s a pretty strong sentiment in the green community about the undesirable effects of GMOs on the health of both humans and the ecosystem. But there are many other uses for bioengineering that don’t involve ingestion or the need to grow them out in the fields in mass quantities, including this one, which would take advantage of the ability for bioluminescence in microbes, in order to provide light for us. The Biobulb concept, which was picked as a… read more

Low-energy Glowing Home

Low-energy Glowing Home

Using transparent or translucent materials in architecture is a clever way to get natural light and warmth inside a building, brightening up spaces and helping reducing energy bills. Taking this concept on board, studio AL1 created a brilliant translucent family home located right in the middle of the woodsy area of Weissenbach, in Vienna. This simple sparkling house is wrapped in a polycarbonate skin and when the sun shines on it, it glows in a whimsical manner. Called Gemini House, it was built using local and natural materials, while taking advantage of industrial building solutions and dedicated craftsmanship from professionals… read more

The First Designer Energy Saving Light Bulb

Plumen 001: a designer energy saving light bulb

Plumen light bulbs have been around for a few years now but we have to write about them, as they now constitute a design icon. Plumen lights are so pretty that they won’t need a shade to hide them. The curvy brilliant design will ad a nice eco-friendly modern touch to any room of the house. An eco-design classic, these CFL (compact fluorescent light) bulbs were created as a collaboration between London brand Hulger and designer Sam Wilkinson. Plumen 001 is the world’s first designer energy saving light bulb. Good and gorgeous, it uses 80% less energy than the traditional… read more

Wi-Fi LED Bulbs

Greenwave Reality smarter lighting

The internet has almost become everything in this connected world, with more and more application of the internet, advancement in electronic devices and even our homes becoming smarter. A start-up company, Greenwave Reality, has come up with a “wireless LED lighting kit” which surely is a gateway to a smarter home. Headed by former consumer electronics executives, the company sells this lighting kit at a price of US$200. It contains four 40 watts LED bulbs and a Smartphone application – which is the game changer. The four supplied bulbs are Energy star rated and they should be connected to the… read more

Smarter Living

Energy saving ideas at home

Transforming your home into an eco-friendly residence is both cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing. Many new technologies created for indoor energy-saving have both functional use and artistic appeal. If you find yourself trying to choose between creative devices and ones that actually work, then compromise no longer. In today’s market, you will discover that art has finally been married with technology, permanently. One way that homeowners squander energy is through wasteful misuse of heating/cooling. Tech mogul Apple Inc. has created a solution with their Nest Learning Thermostat. It tracks your energy habits and can be adjusted and programmed both physically and remotely through… read more

Next Generation Lighting

Switch Lighting's energy saving bulbs

Electric bulbs have been a part of human lifestyle ever since electricity invaded our lives. Evolved from Humphrey Davy’s electric arc and Edison’s filament, bulbs went through various transitions through the revolution in the silicon industry. The manufacturers focused on making brighter electric bulbs with commercial motives but only during the late 90s, the awareness about the environmental problem these incandescent lamps cause became a hot issue as the story of global warming also went viral. Just like the display industry, the lamp manufacturers also took advantage of small chips which can do more work with less energy and this… read more