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Plan Your Life and Then Live It

Plan Your Life

Someone once said that “life is what happens when you’re busy making plans”. In recent weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to think about this at a point in my own life when I need to make some pretty big decisions about where I work, where I live, what I put my energy into. Needless to say, as an environmentalist and aspiring sustainabilitarian, I’m doing some deep thinking about the implications of the choices I make. The trick, however, is to develop a strategy that responds to an appropriate level of planning and motivates the right action at the right time…. read more

Blue Zones, What’s Their Secret?

Blue Zones, What’s Their Secret?

There are certain regions in the world where people tend to live longer, be healthier and report greater life satisfaction. For almost 10 years Dan Buettner has been examining these places, and trying to understand what advantages or environmental differences exist in them. In collaboration with National Geographic, experts in their fields and researchers who specialize in long life spans, they have looked into these sections of the world and their inhabitants. In order to find the top zones, the team investigated 3 global databases involving factors of well-being. Looking at a 95% representative sample of the total world population,… read more

100 Things Challenge

Declutter your life

Many people are reacting to the negative psychological, social, and environmental impacts of rampant consumerism with a strong desire to declutter and simplify their lives. Some have taken this to the extreme, attempting to reduce their worldly belongings to just 100 things. The 100 things grass roots movement, started by entrepreneur Dave Bruno, has been gaining ground in recent years (you can read about Bruno’s challenge on his blog: guynameddave.com. The enthusiasm with which the 100 things challenge has been embraced is unsurprising given how many people feel overwhelmed, weighed down, and oppressed by the sheer volume of stuff they… read more

Seeing with Fresh Eyes

Lifestyle change

Sometimes it takes just one event to change the way we see the world. In the mid-90s, I was working in the Australian music industry, frontline entertainment marketing for an independent record company that was part of a mega-giant. The clichéd “sex, drugs, rock n roll” was not too far from the truth of my lifestyle. Hectic. Superficial. Expensive. A producer and consumer of an image-making industry, I was not particularly concerned about the people, plants and animals of the Earth. But I was concerned about myself. I wasn’t happy. Despite the flash car, fancy-pants clothes and cool job, I was… read more