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Holiday Leftovers Done Right

Holiday Leftovers Done Right

Food waste is an issue in the home kitchen, and after the holidays are over the leftovers can still be lingering. Thinking of creative ways to put a new spin on what’s left can be money saving and can also offer a new experience for the tastebuds. Cranberries are a seasonal favorite, but sometimes cranberry sauce gets left by the bowlful, as its rich and tart taste goes a long way. For a neat way to use fresh or cooked cranberries, a homemade liqueur updates a French cocktail classic called cranberry kir royale. After cranberries steep in the concoction of… read more

Before You Toss It – Ways to Reuse Food

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Global food waste exceeds the absurd, with 50% of foods produced lost annually due to excessive transport distances, poor storage, and a lack of initiative among consumers to adapt to more resourceful eating habits. Still, it is easy to become careless with food towards the end of its shelf life, at which point many items are tossed regardless of whether they are salvageable. But simply doing away with old or leftover items thieves you, not only of a chance to curb waste, but of the opportunity to get creative with your domestic cuisine. Perhaps inspiring you to try a dish… read more