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Give Old Belts New Uses Around The Home

Give Old Belts New Uses Around The Home

Project materials can get expensive, and saving up old belts or using thrift shop finds is an inexpensive way to build a supply inventory. Find some DIY motivation below with these activities that incorporate recovered belts into useful pieces. Flooring and Surfaces Designer Inghua Ting has created beautifully installed flooring using tossed out men’s belts. First, any hardware is removed and the remaining leather pieces are cleaned by hand without using any chemicals. The leather surface is made by cutting the vintage belts into tiles and then adhering to the floor in a pattern or random application. They also make sturdy,… read more

Meat without Murder: the Future of Beef and Leather


Modern Meadow is a company co-founded by Gabor and Andras Forgacs, a father-son team, that produces meat and leather from bovine cells without killing livestock. Instead, meat is grown in a tech incubator in Columbia, Missouri, where Gabor Forgacs heads the biological physics lab at the University of Missouri, known also as Mizzou. Using a 3D printer, living cells are collected, fused together and printed into the desired shape. In this case, little patties and sheets of leather the size of a credit card. Bovine cells are biopsied without harm to the cow. For meat, this means taking cells from… read more

Beyond Leather

Beyond leather

The debate on leather is not a new one. However, its importance remains relevant. Where you stand on the leather issue impacts the choices you make as a person and a consumer. This, in turn, impacts society and the environment, plus the countless lives that are inhumanely cut short to create the material. Some people may be unaware of their leather purchases, as it is used widely from shoes and wallets to couches and car seats. Other people have a ‘loyalty’ to the wearing and using of leather as they associate it with quality or luxury. Whether you fit within either group or avoid leather altogether, we… read more