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Lazy Laundry Or Smart Clothing?

Lazy Laundry Or Smart Clothing?

If you abhor dingy looking clothing, hate stains and don’t like doing laundry in general, then hold tight, this t-shirt may grab your attention. Just hot off the funding shelf at Kickstarter, the Silic t-shirt is designed to keep itself clean. The shirt uses what is referred to as hydrophobic nanotechnology, which works to effectively repel liquids from clothing. Using a hydrophobic textile which has built in nanotechnology that is microscopically woven into the fibers, the fabric contains layers of silica particles. This causes deposits of air to build up between the fabric and any spilled liquids. Therefore moisture does… read more

Pedalling The Laundry

Foot Powered Washing Machine

Two of the most tiring and time consuming jobs for women in developing countries are fetching water from long distances and washing clothes. Now investors have funded an eco-friendly, cheap and non-electric product for the laundry industry. GiraDora is a foot powered laundry washer that consists of a blue coloured bucket-like structure. It has a spinning mechanism which is powered by a pedal. All you have to do is to sit on the machine and simply pedal . The design being more compact and portable enables user to carry the washer wherever there is water or wherever you can drain the waste water… read more