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There’s Something About Thunderstorms…

There’s Something About Thunderstorms…

Clouds on a sunny day are striking in their own right, but there is something about a storm cloud filled to its blurred edges and about to burst that is captivating. Emitting its internal rainstorm and fabricating its own sound to go along with the production is quite an impressive feat. Clouds and thunderstorms are often alluring themes for artists, architects and designers, often replicated in their creations. For example, the residential Cloud House is a sunny version of the sky decoration. Also, interior lighting designs like the Cloudy lamp and innovative and futuristic concepts like Passing Cloud and Head in… read more

Light Fixtures That Make The Room

Light Fixtures That Make The Room

Light fixtures are an important part of a room, both in a design aspect as well as lighting quality. The following are some lighting designs that blow boring lampshades aside and would wake up any room they are in. From the 1870’s, this historic building houses the office space below. The sophisticated and a bit broody atmosphere is topped off by this striking updated glass chandelier, which helps soften the raw look of the space and the exposed brick. Gorgeous and gothic, this cascading light sculpture was created by glass artist Andy Paiko especially for the room. From Jessica Helgerson… read more

Nature Inspired Whimsical Jellyfish Lamps

Paula Artzen’s Jellyfish Lamps

Dutch designer Paula Artzen takes inspiration from ants, birds and sea creatures for creating whimsical designs. Nature’s most wonderful creatures are expressed as hanging luminaries that when lightened, create a magical atmosphere in any room. Artzen specializes in interior design and loves creating detailed luminaries. She started with the most humble materials, experimenting with paper and Tyvek, and adding new dimensions to her designs by cutting and folding materials into 3D shapes. Artzen’s latest work is luminaries inspired by marine sea creatures like the wonderful jellyfish. These magical lamps take inspiration from German biologist and philosopher Ernst Haeckel’s book of… read more

Biodegradable Designs Made From The Earth


Tel-Aviv based sustainability designer, social-entrepreneur and teacher Adital Ela enjoys getting her hands dirty. A graduate from renowned Design Academy Eindhoven, in The Netherlands, she produces fantastic objects made from soil and fibers. Her collection is called “Terra” and includes stools (for children and adults) and lampshades, and she will soon unveil a new and bigger object: an earth bedside cupboard. Made from soil and dry plants fibers, that give the mix a long lasting quality and structure, the Terra collection is entirely craft by hand. Ela collects her raw materials from a site nearby her Tel-Aviv studio, mixes it… read more

Plamp! The Pop Up Cardboard Lamp


We all know that cardboard is a great material to use for making sustainable products. It is easy to handle, can be found everywhere, it is extremely versatile, recycled, recyclable, light and very affordable. It can be cut with scissors, a craft knife and even laser-cut. And to stick it together, it simply needs a bit of non-toxic water-based glue. Chilean designer Paloma Agliati is well aware of the humble material’s properties and decided to only use cardboard for her latest design. Plamp! is a pop-up lamp made entirely from cardboard. Shaped like a flower when it’s open, Plamp! looks… read more