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Leftover Lace Makes Versatile Designs


Adding a little lace can give a design an instant lift. Whether seeking a style that’s a little edgy, sweet or a kickback to a couple decades ago – lace can make it happen. No-sew projects with doilies, remnants or upcycled materials can turn a plain item into an original statement piece, for a fraction of the price of a store bought item. Too tight, too short or too boring shirts can be made bigger and more fashionable by adding a lace extender. Sew a lace panel into the side seam or around the bottom edge of a T-shirt or… read more

Get A Vintage Look With Upcyled Lace Projects

Get A Vintage Look With Upcyled Lace Projects

Lace and crotchet are interesting materials that can be made up of intricate designs and patterns. Though there is no exact idea of when lace and crochet making were first used or specifically where they originated, historical clues point to lacemaking surfacing sometime around 1500 A.D. There are many ways to reuse lace and crotchet textiles, and the following are some ideas for reinventing time treasured fabrics. Furniture applications are an unexpected way to display lace. Capable Father This process can also be done on dressers, shelves, benches or any other furniture piece by blocking off a small section or… read more