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Reading with Solar Power: Solar Kindle Cover

Reading by the Power of the Sun: Solar Kindle Cover

Owning an e-reader, such as the Kindle, can make your reading experience greener by eliminating the use of paper and ink to deliver words to your hands, as well as eliminating the need for shipping a physical object to your door in order to read the latest bestseller. And if you pick up one of these solar-powered covers for it, you can also power the Kindle itself with the sun’s energy. The Solar Lighted Kindle Cover, from SolarFocus, integrates a small solar panel in the cover, which can not only power the Kindle itself, but also energizes the built-in reading… read more

Switching To E-Books

ebook reader from Amazon

Millions of books end up as fodder in landfills each year, ranging from torn-up classics, to collegiate textbooks.And while the number of discarded books continues to increase, a solution is available in the form of ebooks. All it takes is a Kindle, Nook, tablet, or smartphone with a reading app to get started. You can download entire libraries of books, usually at a fraction of the cost of a paperback or hardcover version. These ebooks can be read on multiple device platforms, and can even be shared with friends for a two-week period on Amazon, much like a library system…. read more